The reason I created this website is for the good it offers you as an individual as well to humanity.
While most of us live in a world without validation that there is also another world in which you are involved, that in a large part goes unseen to the naked eye.

Indeed, there is.
There are the highest levels which is what I call God levels; where the angels, the Archangels, Jesus Christ and God resides.
The lower levels includes Earth and that which is below Earth.

Much like Job (of the Bible) some very spiritual and good souls can get caught up in unholy experiences. When this happens it takes Higher Spiritual Warfare to overcome, healing to bring victory to your lives. Remember, it is not a physical fight, other than some of the physical items that are used toward your victory – those items found here within this website.

Three years ago one of my son’s made me a gift of an Infrared surveillance camera system.
Keep in mind that I had always been able to see energy / spirits, especially when they were caught without intended to be heard, felt or seen. I am also gifted with the ability to see and communicate with angels.

A few months after the installation of this camera. I was hard at work at my desk talking to a client. I mentally scanned my surroundings – a natural part of that which I do daily. Then looked unto the surveillance monitor seated upon my desk.
To my surprise I saw what appeared to be a black football floating in the air and watched as it descended to my front lawn. Once it touched down upon the lawn it changed form and took on the look of a gargoyle! In shock I watched as it leaped across the lawn and into my house.

That’s when the horror began.
I must say here that with all the spiritual people I brought forth to help with this problem, none was able to completely release it. I had to do so myself and knowing it was of a dark spirit nature, it would definitely take the God, Jesus Christ, His angels and Archangels to do the job.

During the trial of this time for my soul, I came to understand that I had to have those experiences, preparing me even more to help others. For indeed there others are having very troubling spirit attacks out there.

Today I told my daughter, “Wow! Had I not had those experiences and God coming in to heal. Had anyone shared such a story and I was no listening to them with my spirit mind, I might have said that person had lost some screws up there.”

I know it is real. I know it is happening to others. I know how to spiritually heal your life.
Believe me, the things I had seen and experienced would put all horror movie to shame.

However, I understood I was under attack, but the more I reached out to the higher levels, God, Jesus Christ, His Archangels and His angels. My life was totally redeemed by His love (with the help of some of the products that I offer here.)

So the question one may ask. Why does things like this happen to people who love God, people who are serving God, to people who are doing good works here?

Again, I remind you of Job of the Bible who was a good man but he also came under attack.
In my case I believe, I had to experience it if I was ever going to help those whom have had similar experiences and not think them mad, out of their minds!

Note; Three other people later witnessed the dark gargoyle in my home, my son (who did not want to see it and was not looking to see it – three people includes one of my daughters whom has worked hand-in-hand in reversing this, my son who had gifted me with the surveillance camera.)

Please know that I created this website to help you, the people who knows not where else to turn.   Remember this:   Life is a continual learning process and there will be times when we move from the role of student to that of the teacher. I have recently mastered an area of life which I did not call in and I would not have called it in if I had anything to do with it on a conscious level.  

Having triumphed over the opposition, now is time for me to share my new found wisdom, to help those of you who are suffering.   With prayers and much supplications unto our Father, along with many items found here on this website. I was made renewed and I was healed and reborn! I was released from that which is of darkness!  

Do not hesitate to write to me should you have a special need. However, the products here are self-explanatory.

Remember, nothing will surprise me. 

It is with the greatest thankfulness to God that I can share with you many solutions to lifting your life out of any dark experiences.   “With the greatest honor I open myself to the complete truth of who I am. I trust, in God that I will always be assisted on my path and I am helped to build my dreams and develop myself to be of service, of the highest good.”    

Blessings, Truth, Love and Light,
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